Wedding Ring Guide

We should all accept that choosing a wedding ring which symbolizes love and commitment and one you will wear for a lifetime is no easy task. You will have to dig through many models to find the ring that appeals to both your and partner's taste. Bride's and groom's rings should complement each other. You will surely find the piece that suits your taste in Damalys Diamond's vast Wedding Ring Collection.

First of all, you should choose a material and color. 950 Platinum is very popular among the contemporary wedding ring designs, and it pairs well with high color grade diamonds. Due to its symbolization of wealth and prosperity, Yellow Gold has long been a favored option in Wedding Rings throughout history. White and Rose Gold have gained immense popularity for those who want a gold ring but prefer a different color than yellow. Silver is a good option for those who prefer affordable, yet appealing rings. If you are also going to wear another ring such as a Solitaire, Three Stone, Five Stone, or an Eternity Ring in addition to your wedding ring, we generally advise our customers to choose a matching color.

The next step should be deciding on whether your Wedding Ring will have gems on it or not. Damalys Diamond offers wedding rings with Diamond, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire gemstones, and wedding rings without gemstones.

Your wedding ring will be your lifelong companion, and you will wear it while exercising, driving, going to work, and on many different occasions. So make sure that you choose a ring which will not cause you discomfort while performing these daily activities.


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