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Morganite is the pink variety of the beryl mineral. The gem was first discovered in 1910 in Madagascar. The Morganite gemstone was named after the financier and banker John Pierpont (J.P.) Morgan, who was a very passionate gem collector. This captivating pink gem is the cousin of Emerald and Aquamarine as they are all part of the beryl mineral family.

There are Morganite mines located in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Madagascar, Brazil, and the U.S.A. Even though the country of origin of the gem Madagascar is only a minor producer today, some top quality magnets are still mined there. One of the largest morganites ever unearthed was mined in Maine in 1989. The aforementioned gem was over 20kgs and had a diameter of 30cms, and currently, it is displayed in the Harvard Mineral Museum. Nowadays, a large portion of the world’s morganites come from Brazil.

Morganite has a hardness rating of 7.5 - 8 on the Mohs scale, which makes it a durable enough gemstone to be used in rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. However, the wearer should be careful and take precautions so that it does not get scratched or damaged. The wearer should not keep the gemstone under direct sunlight and should be careful not to knock it against hard surfaces.

Morganites display a pink to orange-pink color. The manganese content of the gem gives Morganite its mesmerizing color. Morganites may be heat treated to increase their color depth. This heat treatment process also removes the yellow hints of the gem. The heat treatment process takes place at lower temperatures.

While there is no globally accepted Morganite grading system, they may be classified according to their external and internal features, mainly their color, and clarity.

A - Decent

Morganites in this category are the most common ones since 60% of all the Morganites fall into this category. Decent quality Morganites have a very light pink color, and they have inclusions which one can see with the naked eye.

AA - Superior

Roughly 30% of all natural Morganites fall into this category. Superior quality Morganites have a deeper pinkish color than Decent quality ones, and they have small inclusions.

AAA - Finest

Morganites in this category are regarded as rare since only 10% of them qualify to be in this category. Finest quality Morganites show a beautiful peachy pink color, and they do not contain inclusions which one can see with the naked eye, in other words, they are eye-clean.

AAAA - Prodigious

This category contains the rarest Morganites in the world. Prodigious Morganites make up for a mere 1%. They have an eye clean property, and they radiate a marvelous peachy pink color.

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