Lifetime Warranty

Damalys Diamond offers a lifetime warranty with every order.

Every piece of jewelry which carries the Damalys Diamond signature is produced with materials of excellent quality and inspected by our team of experts.

Damalys Diamond has full confidence in its products and is always by your side.

Damalys Diamond's Lifetime Warranty includes the following free services for a lifetime:

• Diamond and gemstone cleaning

• Diamond and gemstone polishing

• Diamond and gemstone tightening

If you experience problems such as deformations or yellowing, Damalys Diamond will assist you and will repair your product free of charge.

Please note that the Lifetime Warranty will be rendered void if any repair was done by a different jeweler than Damalys Diamond.

Our customer service is ready to answer all of your questions. You may contact us at info@damalysdiamond.com.


Mon-Fri 09AM-07PM EDT

+1 888-919-3513 (Toll-Free)


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