Engagement Ring Guide

Buying an engagement ring for the first time may be a confusing process. A wide variety of gemstones, shapes, styles, colors, settings... These may all sound highly puzzling. But fear not, because Damalys Diamond is here to make your experience as simple and smooth as possible. This guide will assist you along the way of choosing the perfect engagement ring which will surely be an everlasting companion.

Choosing The Gemstone

Your first step should be choosing a gemstone. Damalys Diamond lets you choose from its rich scale of gemstones. You may choose between diamonds, precious gemstones, semi-precious gemstones, and zirconia. You may select the color and clarity of your gemstone in all our products. Our Special Engagement Rings go even further and let you choose the shape and carat weight of your gemstone too.

Thanks to their extreme toughness and gorgeous brilliance, diamonds are generally the go-to choice for engagement rings, and the world of diamonds is just as fascinating as the diamonds themselves. You can click here if you want to learn more about diamonds.

If you prefer a precious gemstone, you may choose between the elegance of emerald, the nobility of sapphire or the royalty of ruby. If you want to delve into the world of precious gemstones which have been admired by many throughout history, you may click here.

Semi-precious gemstones offer you the vivid colors of your preference by letting you choose between more than ten semi-precious gemstones. Click here to explore the earth's most colorful fruits in detail.

Zirconia gemstones are famous for their price, durability, and similarity to diamonds. The rich Zirconia collection of Damalys Diamond surely has a gem that appeals to everyone's eye.

Choosing The Metal

After you have chosen the gemstone, the next step on the list is choosing a metal for your engagement ring. The harmony of the gemstone and metal is what gives the jewelry its beauty. Diamonds of higher color (D-J), for example, go well with metals such as white gold and platinum. Diamonds with a yellowish hue (K-Z), on the other hand, are generally paired with yellow gold. Those who favor a unique choice cannot go wrong with rose gold. Platinum is a very stylish choice for both man and woman rings, and it is the way to go for those who seek reliability. The timelessness of Sterling Silver will never diminish thanks to its affordability and durability. Nevertheless, it mostly comes down to the preference of you or your loved one.

Choosing The Style

You have chosen the gemstone and metal, choosing the style will give your ring its essence. Damalys Diamond was established on the idea of the wearer should be the one customizing the jewelry, and should not be stuck with what the shop offers. Which is why Damalys Diamond offers you eight different styles. You may choose from our timeless Solitaire Rings, or you may want to go with a Three Stone or Five Stone and pair two different gemstones in one ring. If you prefer a vintage look, a Halo Ring might be more suitable for you. An Eternity Ring symbolizes eternity of love and is a perfect gift for your eternal love. If you want your gift to carry a special message, you may ask us to engrave your ring.


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