You are never satisfied with generic designs, and you want your jewelry to reflect your character. You have visited every single jewelry store both online and on the street, but you still couldn't find the one you had in your mind. Worry not, because Damalys Diamond offers you the option to Design Your Jewelry. All you need is an image of the jewelry that you want, and your dream jewelry is just three steps away.

step 1

1. Send us your design

Send us an image of the jewelry. The image may be a sketch, drawing, or a photograph. Fill the form in which you describe the details of your jewelry such as the metal and gemstone. We will inspect your design, estimate the cost and share with you.

step 2

2. We create it for you

If you accept the cost, the Damalys Diamond designer team will start working on your design, bring it to life, and share the render with you. If you find the render pleasing, we will start the production process. We will inform you about the state of your jewelry at every step.

step 3

3. Your ring is ready!

After the production is complete, we will ship your jewelry, and provide your Tracking Number.

After you send us your design, we will evaluate its price, and charge a non-refundable 25% from your preferred payment method. After payment is completed, we will send you the computer render of your jewelry. You may make alterations to your design in this step. After you verify this render, the remaining 75% will be charged.

Design Your Jewelry Now!

*Please bear in mind that Design Your Jewelry products may not be returned for a full refund.
**If it is not a production error, complimentary ring resizing is not available in Design Your Jewelry products.

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