Conflict Free

Conflict or blood diamonds are diamonds which are illegitimately sold to finance wars and terrorist organizations aiming to undermine legitimate countries. Even though blood diamonds have been around for a long time, they have gained international recognition during The Sierra Leone civil war in the 1990s. This gruesome war resulted in 75.000 deaths, and two million people have fled their homes. The rebels which have started the war have financed their actions by illegally trading diamonds. After these events, the public has become aware of the significance of the situation.

Estimations suggest that conflict diamonds made up for approximately 4% of the world's diamond trade during the Sierra Leone civil war. However, the rate has dropped to 1% thanks to the efforts of ethical diamond retailers and consumers.

Even though choosing the perfect clarity, color, carat, and cut are the fundamentals of finding the diamond most suitable for you, make sure that the diamond you buy is conflict-free. Nothing will make you happier than knowing that your diamond has not caused any harm to anyone.

Damalys Diamond guarantees that it only sells diamonds obtained from legitimate sources which are not involved in funding conflicts.

For more information about conflict diamonds, you may visit the Kimberley Process website.


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